About Overkill Motorsports

2020 Yamaha Golf-Cart Umax Rally for sale in Over Kill Motorsports, Kingsland, Georgia

About Overkill Motorsports in Kingsland, GA

Overkill Motorsports began in 2009 out of Keystone Heights, FL by father and son, Mitch & Mitchell Clary. What began as a humbled business venture for two motorsports enthusiast in a small town quickly expanded. In 2012 after three successful years in Keystone Heights, Florida, Overkill moved to a larger facility in Jacksonville, FL to help keep up with increased demands.

At the beginning of 2019 Overkill Motorsports again found the need to relocate and moved to Kingsland, GA where our 10-acre lot became home to our fleet of RVs, trailers, automobiles, and golf carts. Fast forward to present day, we are in the final stages of design & development for our new state of the art 25,000 square foot showroom and service center.

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